Finally Adblock Plus for Internet Explorer

Well for those who use IE finally a good news for them 8)

WOW, thanks for the information. :-TU
Adblock Plus for IE
Known issues in Adblock Plus for IE

This is an area which IE seriously needs a boost and its excellent news that IE has finally got an adblock extension.
It just needs a lot more and it will be a great browser.

Here I agree with you, IE 10 is quite fast actually, I was impress. Let’s hope this version of Adblock plus will be more stable, right now is still need a little attention from dev, but hey it’s a start :slight_smile:

Wait…just Wait…

I have solved the problem…

About to reveal something :-X


Adblocking…high performance and safer internet…BUT…adblocking kills the eco system that advertisers rely on for providing free content…

we solved the problem…we can provide you much faster browsing speed…much much safer internet…while improving the ecosystem so that publishers can make even more money…

and yes, thats why i have more than a dozen patents pending on this :wink: …Love it!!!


Ok sound good, only time will reveal the final product. As always you got my attention with your post, man :slight_smile:

Don’t use IE? :wink:


:-TU Rock on!


Now I got curious, is it something like PrivDog? Did you make PrivDog? Did you acquire PrivDog?

"Installation Requirements

PrivDog can install protection for the Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome browsers on Windows systems. "

That lack of Opera. =(

PrivDog is the answer

I dont wish to spoil the party but if im running ABP which is utilized to eliminate ads altogether then privdog would not be needed…??
Or can it run alongside.

The idea is to replace ABP with PrivDog I think, I guess they could be run side by side but the actual ad blocking part of PrivDog would then be useless I think.

Where do you see IE when you install PrivDog? ???

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I haven’t tried it installing it so I don’t know, I took the information from: under “Installation Requirements”

The IE version hasn’t been released yet.
To be released sometime this summer is what i believe.

It seems like it.