Finally, a Firewall and AV I just might keep!!!!

Hi all,

After years of headaches with Norton, then a few months with ZA, yesterday I went on a search for reviews and came across COMODO. Not many reviews found for you yet but it just “felt right” so I came to your site, downloaded and installed both the AntiVirus and Firewall.

So far I like them both, not very many popups for approval from the Firewall, of course I guess almost any amount IMHO would seem less than ZA.

I updated CAV last night and ran a system scan that got hung up on AOL Topspeed so stopped it and will try again after I do some major reg maintenance. I suspect there may be some leftovers from ZA uninstall (it’s almost as bad as Norton) creating havoc. I also have many Anti Spyware programs that may be contributing to the problem, most are set on manual but will have to check that out also.

I spent several hours today going through the forum and was really pleased with what I saw, real people with issues getting help and suggestions in a down to earth manner, and no stuffed shirt attitudes. Way to go…

I like it, I like it, I like it!!!

Keep smiling,


Hi Betty welcome.
Yes it certainly is a great forum so just post a question if you have one as we all try and help one another. Like a lot of others I have been useing the beta versions of C.P.F and have had no problems at all once I learned the way this firewall works so just take your time and get used to it. I have not used C.A.V as I will wait for the next release version which will have more signatures with it.
I hope that you enjoy using Comodo products

Hi Betty welcome to the forums,

I’m glad you like the products. However, if you continue to receive the scanning problem with CAVS please report it on the forums and we will help you as quickly and efficiently as possible. :wink:

Again welcome to Comodo,