Final Fantasy 11:PlayOnline Viewer Problems:Help needed!!!! [Resolved]

Today I installed the FF11 CD(which I had for a few years) and I was about to restart playing when I realized that I couldn’t find my ID nor pass,as such I uninstalled.
However a few minutes later I found that we can now play FF11 for free for 14 days,so I went and downloaded the trial.
So far so good.

And here is where come problems.
I am unable to reinstall the PlayOnline Viewer from the downloaded files.
The error I get tells me that “a previous version is already installed”,except that I know I removed the previous version.In addition,each time,the error contains the following code: 47004155-7376-403E-89E9-4C9F44AAF0D0
So I have been looking thru the files,but nothing I could find.

Any help would be appereciated


EDIT: Issue Fixed