Filter originating IP address


I’ve moved from tiny personal firewall (aka kerio aka sunbelt), and am used to being able to filter by both remote and local IP address and port.

For outgoing connections, filtering by application and the destination IP address and port is almost always sufficient, but I am a bit concerned that the Comodo firewall doesn’t allow filtering by remote IP address for incoming connections. To give an obvious example, I want my lan clients (a very limited range of IP addresses) to be able to connect to me on ports 137-9 and 445, but I don’t want any other IP addresses to do so.

Have I missed something in the configuration of Comodo? I set the alarm slider to very high (which didn’t stick initially, but seems to be OK now), but that only seems to filter by the local IP address for incoming connections, which isn’t very useful.


If I understand you correctly, then you should click Security → Network Monitor, and then have at it.