Filter an IP for all type of ports/connexions etc

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I have a win xp sp3 box with wamp installed on it - this installs apache 2.2.8, php 5 and mysql on windows. I run a php script using the specified wamp server and that script connects to an ip.
I want to be able to block connexion of any kind to that ip. This should be easy because this I would have to block IP In/Out From IP Any to IP xx.xx.xx.xx Where Protocol Is Any for the program httpd.exe (executable file of the wamp server) - but for some reason that doesn’t work as I can see outgoing and incomiong connexions with wireshark and it still connects to the specified xx.xx.xx.xx ip.

What is the correct configuration to set up or what may go wrong here.

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If The IP is Related To The Application
I would say you would have to set up global rules for this,

I will ask other mods to help you with this issue


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OK. For blocking incoming & outgoing communications, I recommend that you use 2 rules (one for IN & one for OUT). The easiest way to do this is to define a Network Zone within CFP/CIS, say “Blocked Hosts” and add your IP (or name) to that Zone. Then in the Global Rules add your 2 new rules at the top…

  1. Block - IP all - Out - Source: Any - Destination: Blocked Hosts
  2. Block - IP all - In - Source: Blocked Hosts - Destination: Any

… then you should wait a few minutes (or reboot to be certain), since any rules added here are not always instantly applied. Anyway, using this method you only need to add/remove hosts from your Blocked Hosts Network Zone.

I hope that helps.

edit: Didn’t see CG’s post… oh, he asked for help anyway.