Filezilla upload error with CPF

This is my first post in this Forum and hence take the opportunity to congratulate the Comodo team for their great works. (L)

Now… Is this a bug?

I use FileZilla FTP client. And I use CPF as my only firewall app. When I upload files to my webserver with CPF set at ‘custom’, the file upload seems to run fine, but I get only 0 byte files at the webserver.

But if I set CPF to ‘Allow all’, the upload process runs fine.

I have tried to put Filezilla under trusted application category too, but of no avail.

BTW I use version of CPF

The default FTP rules for CFP 3 are set up for Active FTP. You (most people) are using passive FTP. It will not work unless you allow all, but you need TCP only. See Active FTP vs. Passive FTP, a Definitive Explanation for more than you ever wanted to know about ftp. :slight_smile: