Filezilla FTP Server with Comodo

I’ve seen many posts about getting Filezilla FTP Server with Comodo Firewall, however I’m still unable to get it going. I’m using Filezilla 0.9.25 with Comodo Can someone give a step-by-step with as many screen shots as necessary of how to get this up and running? Thank you.

Hi nin28

I ran over the same problems, I´m running Comodo on Vista x64 SP1 and Filezilla FTP Server 0.9.25.

After solving my problem running the Filezilla Server as a Service with activated UAC (Directlink to FZ-Forum with my post) and installing the Comodo Firewall I searched help in this forum - i found out that using a global rule with:

[b]Allow TCP - In/out

“source adress”, “destination adress” and “source port” = “any”

“destination port” = “port range”
start port=20 end port = 21[/b]

(and applying the rule using the “apply” button) fixed my problem smoothly :wink:

Hope this helps you too.

p.s.: ofcourse the filezilla server exe also needs full access in “application rules”
p.s.2: and ofcause the new global rule has to stand atop of the global block all-rule