Filezilla Client + FileZilla Server with Comodo Firewall

I’m a web developer without using of IDEs.
My trouble is a discontinued work between Filezilla Client and Filezilla Server.

I have configured these two programs to works fine within. I need to connect to a Local server, with FileZilla Client, edit my files and synchronizing the modify on the local server and a local folder to maintain my project.

So, the problem is: when I edit a file, on the local Server the file results to Zero (not always, I mean, but 4 once on 5). It is annoying situation. I try to set my Firewall on Learning status. The result is the same.

I have opened a thread on this site: Upload a file from local to remote issue - FileZilla Forums, where I expose this problem to the FileZilla community. The response is “the problem is in the FireWall”.

In fact, if I UNINSTALL Comodo, I get FileZilla Server and Client to works fine.
If I use in Active mode, I cannot get the list of files. If I use a Passive mode, I get the lists of file, but when I go to edit a local file and I want to send to the Local Server FTP, not always it can save the file (and the result is the file with zero bytes).

any suggestion???

Oh, yeah! My Version is: 5.10.228257.2253 on Windows 7 x64!

Someone can help me??? I don’t want to uninstall ty wonderful Firewall… :frowning: :-[