Files to be referred to CAVS

After I have done a scan of my system CAVS tells me that there are files which have not been referred to them. Ok I click on the button and up comes a list of hundreds of files. I click on select all and nothing happens. So I start to tick the square boxes at the beginning of each file and realise I am going to be here all day. So I check about 100 of them and click on submit and nothing happens. I can’t close down the panel so I have to do the ctrl.alt.delete thing to stop the action and revert to my desktop. Can you help please ?

The file submission process doesn’t start immediately. I usually just tell it to start and leave the PC running overnight, if there is a lot of them. There should onyl be a lot of them the first time you run CAVS. After that, it’s only when you first run an applicatin that it doesn’t recognise, update an existing app or install a new one.

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The problem is not so much the time taken to submit the files but the fact that I cannot select them all. The button saying select all does not work and I have to individually check the box in front of each file. This could take all day. Has anybody else found this problem or is it a fault in my computer running windows XP home edition.

I haven’t heard of this issue. We’ll leave this here for a day or two and see if anyone else reports the same problem.

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Hi, I’ve got sort of the same problem. My CAVS wont/ is not able to submit any files. says something like " the connection to the server failed".

That means that it locks/blocks almost anything that I try to run. Including games and such that I know to be safe.

There was a link to similar see below

Also there was another link to this problem which is probably "the merged " bit

I also have this ongoing problem as non of the ‘tick’ boxes actually respond to the submit request.

What I do is just keep clicking ‘submit all’ box and eventually they do “ALL” tick. Just be careful how fast you do this as if too quick you untick them. If so keep doing it.
The next bit also does not work ie sending to Comodo. So what I then do is open main prog, go into settings and click 'Submit File ’ box and usually off they go.

I did open a string some time ago re doing this re someone else having a similar prob. so surprised that “panic” not familiar with this problem.

I will look-see where it is But in the meantime if you want, start Sept time and come up to date you should find it somewhere. Just a bit strapped for time at moment.
But try above link first.

I have an issue with sending files as I always get the error ‘Your internet connection is not active. Please check your connection and try again.’ My internet connection is fine. I have just tried submitting the files as I am typing this message online and the error is always the same?


What firewall are you using: I have noticed on a couple of computers with Comodo Firewall that submission fails unless ‘Skip advanced security checks’ and ‘allow invisible connection attempts’ are ticked in application monitor rules for these two files:

CAVSubmit.exe and CavSub.exe.