Files that are waiting review

I would appreciate some guidance regarding the above subject.
What i have been doing is"Looking them up" and then unless they are “safe"subitting to Comodo and if nothing is known moving them to"Safe Files”.
Is this the correct procedure?
Help would be great.

Use Purge - Lookup - Submit, in that order and it should take care of all your pending files. There will be some left until they get on Comodo’s safe list at which time they will be removed automatically to your safe list. If there are any that you do not want on your safe list just use the Remove button.


Thanks a lot
Easy when you know how
That’s why this forum is so good

I have one question.If you would be so kind.
When files are submitted and nothing happens are those files automatically added to the safe list.
In which case do i remove them or do i have to add them manually to my own safe files.
Thanks for your trouble