Files submission app bug v3.0.14.276

I thought to post this as one but since this forum is for bugs only - i’ll place the link to other topic

Anyway, here’s the situation. I install a piece of software (e. g. OpenOffice) and find loads of pending files. I click purge, clean the list and then select all of them and press lookup. It finds some safe files, some unknown. The it asks whether it should submit unknown files to COMODO. And here’s the problem - if i press NO it just cleans the list from known-to-be-safe files and leaves only unknown. If i press YES - it tries to submit ALL of the files, even the safe ones! Furthermore, it does not clean the list of pending files from safe files, so i have to do lookup twice - one for cleaning safe files, one for submitting the unknown ones!

Technical info:

WinXP SP2 Home Eng
CFP v3.0.14.276
NOD32 v3.0

It is not a major bug but it is present on my version too.

You can tell safe files are being submitted?

safe files are not being submitted. they are on submission list but as soon as the file submission app checks their hash and performs online hash lookup - it says files are safe and does nothing. files are still in pending files list.