Files show as Partially Limited and Trusted in process list

Why can a file, which is know to to be Trusted, still show up in the Sandbox as Partially Limited, even after a reboot. Surely, if a file is Trusted it should have no Sandbox conditions on it at all.

How do you determine it is trusted? Does moving it from Unrecognised files to Trusted Files help?

Does any of the tips in App. is not working correctly, but does not seem to be s/boxed. What to do? [v5] do the trick for you?

The files which get in to this state are not Unrecognised, it is ‘already trusted’ if you ask for it to be Trusted and yet it still show up in the Sandbox as Partially Limited. Have looked at the referenced link but nothing there applies.

You should definitely try adding the mentioned file(s) can be resolved by adding them to the exceptions on the Defense+ ~ Defense+ settings ~ Image execution control ~ Exclusions list and rebooting. Let us know if that helped or not.

What files are at the same time Partially Limited and Trusted? What application are we talking about and where can I download them for testing.

I’m not sure if that has really helped or not. On the summary page it still shows applications running in the sanbox, one of them is my own and the another is plink.exe. It also shows 4 unrecognized files running Partially Limited but when you click on the 4 the Unrecognized Files window comes up empty.

The Defense+ heading on the summary page shows 28 blocked intrusions and when I click on the number I get the Defense+ Events which shows me plink being sanboxed (it is not in the current exclusion list) but if I right click and add to trusted files I am told it is already trusted. It also shows me events for Procexp64 (which is on the exclusion list and is trusted) with a flag of Access Memory.

Another application which was causing problems was Stardock’s ObjectDock but that does seem to be out of the Sandbox now I’ve added it to the exclusions.

Can you please show me a screenshot of View Active Processes when the all the mentioned programs are running? Please maximise the Active Processes screen so we can see as much as possible.

Now I don’t know what is going on. The last update I put on to this thread was just after rebooting having put applications in the exclusion list and some were still showing up as partially limited. Now, after another reboot, when I look at the Active Processes they are all showing up as Sandbox Disabled and the only change I made was to add plink.exe to the exclusion list.

So, at the moment, the applications are all OK.

One odd thing though, on the summary page it still says that there are 4 unrecognised files but when you look at the unrecognised files the list is empty.