Files not actually backed up with incremental

Comodo Backup Ver:, Windows 2000 Pro, latest fixes, NTFS file system,

Backup mode: Simple Copy
Backup type: User backup, no compression, include subfolders
Destination: Local disk to different local disk
Incremental backup. All file types selected.

Folder with 61.8 GB, 4,996 files in 79 folders. Folders not locked or even open.

The first folders and files are backed up OK, then the backup folders left empty or only some of the files copied. The Log file lists the files as copied (they were not). Says backup successful without any errors. Source drive has 47 GB free and the Destination drive 117 GB free. Files are .jpg, .nef and .tif., no non-ASCII characters.

Example of full path to a file:
N:\Photo_4 Disk\India08\080412_MarariBeach\IN080412_DSC4827.NEF

Very serious if one thinks a backup has been done, but not all files are copied. This has now happened a number of times on different backup sets.

The tail end of the log file
14/6/09 at 9:04:42 PM | Copying file N:\Photo_4 Disk\India08\SportDiver Art\Less Good\IN554_DST4611.tif
14/6/09 at 9:04:48 PM | Copying file N:\Photo_4 Disk\India08\SportDiver Art\Less Good\IN554_DST4619.tif
14/6/09 at 9:04:50 PM | Copying file N:\Photo_4 Disk\India08\SportDiver Art\Less Good\IN555_DST4630.tif
14/6/09 at 9:04:50 PM | Copying of folder N:\Photo_4 Disk\India08\XrayMag Art
14/6/09 at 9:04:50 PM | Compared 4997 files, 80 folders.
14/6/09 at 9:04:50 PM | Copied 4997 files.
14/6/09 at 9:04:50 PM | Backup “India08” completed successfully.

Having asked, commented, about files not being copied I’ve found out a little more, but not sure what is happening exactly. There still seems to be a major problem, backups need to be 100 foolproof.

The files were all copied (backed up), but to a different disk, not the one intended. First some explanation of my computer: it has 3 permanently installed hard disks these with a total of 10 partitions. These are where work is done. It then has 3 bays which take disks which can be swapped out to any of 14 other disks where backups are kept. The drive name and root level directory in each of the swappable disks tells me which disk it is (dive letters change depending on what disks are inserted).

This errant backup was meant to be going to drive L: BackUp_9. The disk was selected and the backup pointed to the root level folder of the same name, BackUp_9. Just previously I had done a backup of another folder with a different memorized setup of photos to drive P: and its root level directory of PhotoBk10. The errant backup did pick up the BackUp_9 as the folder to go as it created that new but in the root of the previously used drive L and copied all files to that.

Somehow, somewhere, Comodo Backup is storing and remembering a previously used drive. I don’t think this is always happening, but seems it can. I normally work with about a dozen recorded scripts of what to back up where. As I change disks I modify the destination, generally keeping 2 backups each on separate disks.

This problem with where the backup is going explains, to me, why I have picked up some anomalous folders in unexpected drives. It also explains why some files do not appear to be backed up, they are off where not found (maybe on the 1st instead of the 2 separate run).