files I add to exclusion list and trusted files list still produce HIPS alerts

I am trying to add an exe to the exclusion list, but I still get an alert for every action the program tries to perform. I am positive this is a bug in the software.

I have done everything, I can think of. I added the file to the behavior blocker exclusion list.
I added the file to the trusted file list.
I even created a custom rule for it it and treated it as an allowed application.

Nothing works, I always get HIPS alerts for every action the file tries to perform.

What steps do i have to do to stop all alerts? It is a software for my security camera, and it has to be able to run with no restrictions. The program is TeboCam, and is widely used.

What configuration are you using?

Proactive security. It’s all I ever use.

Are all files used by it also added to the trusted files list?

oops, no just the .exe of the program. Maybe I should add the whole folder?

I added the entire folder to the trusted files list, as well as the behavior blocker exclusions, and am still getting alerts for the program trying to modify a protected file or folder.

Even as I select Allow and always remember my answer, I get alerts everytime. Comodo does not learn the behavior of this program.

I end up getting so many alerts I have to block and terminate the application to end the barrage of popups.

Okay, I’m not sure where to go from here. Hopefully someone else has some ideas.

It seems I have solved the issue, when the alert pops up I have to select always remember to “treat this as an allowed application” which I should not have to do since the entire contents of the program’s folder is in the trusted files list, and behavior blocker exclusion list.

The program I am using has no installer… it runs directly from an .exe file.

Also, there is no option to “treat this as a trusted file/application” when I get HIPS alerts. there is only the option to treat is as an allowed application. Is this just a new nomenclature of CIS 6?

Are you referring to the buffer overflow exclusion list? (execution control) Because this only excludes files from buffer overflow protection. It isn’t an exclusion from HIPS protection.