Files deleted in "my blocked files" are still shown if u dont click apply..

If you add a file to “my blocked files”
Select the file, and click on “delete file”, the file is deleted, and you cant see the file in “my blocked files anymore”

but if you click cancel afterwards, instead of apply, and enter “my blocked files” igain, you can still see the file on the list, even though you deleted it…

I know its not a huge bug or anything, but i would like to mention it anyway :slight_smile:

(hmm im not sure if i should have posted in “Other - General - GUI etc Bugs” instead of here.)

This is standard behaviour and cannot be considered a bug.

When you make a change in the Blocked Files window, the change is not written back to the registry until you click APPLY.

The same method applies throughout CIS - changes are not committed until the user clicks APPLY.

This is exactly the type of double check you asked for in your Quarantine deletion topic. :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:

When we delete files in “My blocked files” we do actuelly get a warning that says ““Are you sure you want to delete the selected file(s)?””…

but if you click yes to that, and cancel instead of apply afterwards, the file is still shown in “My blocked files” i think the files should be removed with the same from the list to, since they doesnt exist anymore…