Files become 'Unrecognised' without warning

Granted that I am running Windows 10 Technical Preview but I spent a couple of days trying to find a fault with it when in fact the problem was that CIS has marked the file as Unrecognised. The strange thing is that this was the feedback App and it woke up its window and then failed to make contact with DCOM in time and so the event was about that. I have no recollection of CIS ever asking me if this was a safe program and when I removed it as unrecognised it started working with no question from CIS.

Are you using CIS 8.2 beta? That is the version that has official Win 10 support. If not do a clean install of the beta. Happy testing.

I’m still on 8.1, didn’t realise there was a beta around but how do I get it?

You can find it here:

Although I would suggest waiting one or two days, there’s supposedly coming a stable release April 1st, but that’s not set in stone and may be delayed.