Files are being downloaded but Comodo says no connections.

well, this is exactely what I didnt want to read here about the new version of Comodo.
Before upgradíng from 5.1 wanted to see if my issue is solved. But unfortunetely not :frowning:
I have this issue more then 1 year ago… and have lot of topics started, but no help. I even had a conatct to developer in China (Rick ■■■■)… but no help.

Here my old topics with the same issue:

So, what should make me hopeful that this will be solved???
I will upgrade but…will report then

oh no,

the last version CIS 5.4.189822.1355 (64bit) brings all the old issues back, and they ware solved in the previous CIS version 5.3.176757.1236.

what is going on? :frowning:

Here my old topics with the same issue:

If you really want to monitor your connections, download SysInternal’s TCPViewer from here: TCPView for Windows - Sysinternals | Microsoft Learn.

Unzip it and run it. It’s a stand alone app. so you can run it from a USB drive if so inclined - no program installation required. You can set it to remain on top of all your running desktop apps. which is great if you want to see what ports are opening up. It just monitors ports and sent/received bit counts. It’a not a packet analyzer like WireShark.

If you really want heavy duty port analysis, check out the open source Nmap application.

I need that Comodo fixes the bugs, which have been already fixed and since the new version 5.4. they appeared again, unbelievable ???

Please consider filing a bug report in the Bug Reports - CIS board following the format as described in FORMAT & GUIDE - just COPY/PASTE it!.

I did it

is it OK?

It has been moved to the verified section. :-TU

It is now out of the moderator’s hands and up the devs to assess, prioritize and decide when or whether they will fix it.

here the answer from Rick ■■■■ from Comodo from my communication with him via email:

You are right, there is a serious bug in version 1236, so we revert to previous source code in version 1355, in future version, we will modify the issue you encountered, if any message about it, I will inform you ASAP!


Best Regards,
Rick ■■■■