Filename Search within Security Policies

It’s okay to search within Security Policy of Firewall and Defense+ now, but I have to use the first letters of path of the files to search. I think it’s going to be better to be able to search directly using the filenames.
The situation right now is that if you want to find a policy of “ntvdm.exe”, you have to enter:
But if we can search by filenames, we only need to enter “ntvdm.exe”.
It will only cause problems when I got multiple files with the same name, and it can be solve by providing suggestions on a drop down box for the path when there are multiple files with the same name.


It has been suggested before. Still it’s a good idea.

i agree that it’s a good idea! if it has been suggested before, why was it rejected the last time?

if implemented, comodo would not be the first hips to have such a nice feature.

As far as I know no wishes have been rejected, it is just a matter of time.

At this time the Bug list receives more attention, and if possible wishes are implemented at the same time as bugs are fixed.

Thank you

Version 4 will bring a new UI in which hopefully many wishes like this will be hnoured. But that will be here not before the end of the year or may be later.