File Zone Scanning Activity Bar has a mind of its own!

Howdy -

I’m running the latest CIS (firewall only) on a Windows XP sp3 machine. The file zone activity bar keeps re-appearing on start-up even though its instructed to do otherwise. I keep un-checking “Enable the Scan Activity Bar” option from Advanced Settings > General Settings and the activity bar immediately disappears from my desktop during that session, but it always re-appears again on a fresh reboot.

I can’t make it go away. It’s got a mind of it own I tell you. I’m beginning to see that little ■■■■■■ in my sleep. Please helpppppppppppppppppppp :slight_smile:

Hi dAlden

Can you post a screen shot of it?

Hang on… according to your signature, you’ve only got the CIS firewall installed… are you on the right forums? :a0


My bad! I’ve got to stop drinking and taking drugs at the same time :slight_smile: This thread has absolutely nothing to do with Comodo, as it should have been correctly directed to Bitdefender on an entirely different board.

For any of you Bitdefender Users out there, would you agree that their support is absolutely the worst in the world? I feel like I’ve gone back in time to the mid 70’s whenever I try to deal with them. They are as useless as ■■■■ on a bull!

Sorry for wasting everyone’s time.

No problem. :slight_smile:

PS Are you sure ■■■■ wouldn’t be useful on a bull? :wink: