File Submission

I installed CFW 6.3

In the EULA, it says:

“File Submission. This product may automatically submit to Comodo any files or programs that are identified as potential malware, including information on the actions taken by such files. These files are submitted to Comodo using the Sandbox Settings automatic submission function. The collected files could contain personally identifiable information that has been obtained in the file that is identified as potential malware file without your permission. Files of this type are being collected by Comodo only for the purpose of improving the ability of Comodo’s products to detect malicious behavior. Comodo will not correlate these files with any personally identifiable information. The automatic submission function may be deactivated by de-selecting this option in the General Settings.”

I went to Tasks → Sandbox Tasks → Open Advanced Settings. I don’t see any settings related to automatic submission. Where can I find these settings?

Hi Nicole,

disable the Cloud lookup in Security Settings → File Rating → File Rating Settings,
in Security Settings → Antivirus → Scans edit the predefined scans and disable “Use cloud while scanning” in the Options section.
As far as I know, there are no corresponding options in the “General Settings”.

edit: Oh, if you’re using the Firewall only, you probably don’t have the Antivirus settings :wink:

You can submit a file for verification:

File Rating->Unrecognized Files->Submit

Yeah, that’s the only relevant option that I’ve found.

I just don’t want any of my files to be automatically submitted. If I understand correctly, I think I just need to deselect:

“Analyze unknown files in the cloud by uploading them for instant analysis”

I think that “Cloud Lookup” uses the cloud, but it does not automatically upload any of my files to the cloud. If that is correct, then I think that I can leave “Enable Cloud Lookup” selected. Does that sound correct to you or have I misunderstood?

Yeah, I haven’t seen anything in “Sandbox” settings or “General Settings”, so maybe the EULA is out of date :-\


probably you’re right. It should suffice to disable “Analyze unknown files in the cloud by uploading them for instant analysis” to prevent uploading files. Cloud lookup is done by comparing file hashes.
The help section about the sandboxing process doesn’t mention, how to disable the automatic uploading. The help section about file rating is more helpful.
I won’t comment on the quality of the EULA 88)