File Submission to Comodo

Last weekend, I did a complete virus scan with Norton. Somehow, that action must have reset an attribute tag on all files, and now Comodo see’s nearly every file on my system as new and suspicious. At one point Sunday, there were over 1500 files in the que for submission with over 50 outbound connection uploading files to Comodo.

Finally since all this slowed my system to a crawl, I unchecked “automatically submit unknown files”. But still, whenever CFW reports unknown files waiting for my action, after verifying they are unknown and selecting “Submit for analysis”, CFW goes back to hundreds of files in upload que.

Often I get a "Visual C++ Runtime Error after hours of uploading, or after canceling the upload.

Any thoughts, anyone, on how to stop this?

Well, you could try NOT submitting the files. If they look safe to you, just remove them.

You may have to uncheck a default option. Click Miscellaneous>Settings>Update tab. On this tab, uncheck the bottom box.