File submission problems

submit dos not work

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@sd ahmad works fine here… I submitted my all samples via CIS :-TU

Sometimes upload sometimes not, it needs to fully fixed, it is not fixed.

My hang on 99% :-\

Mr Ahmad’s machine appears to have other problems - and the error code is different from previously.

Are you experiencing failures to submit in 4115? If so please take the error code and report exact symptoms in 471 in the mod’s tracker. We can decide then whether to create a new report if it’s likely a different cause or stick with the same one.

Many thanks in anticipation


No problem, for now it uploads…I’ll take a screen of error code once I get one.


If possible could you post a screenie showing the full contents of all columns so we can work out if this is the known issue or a new one?

Hi Mike,

I reported another issue to Igor yesterday, they are still working on servers since CAMAS service does not work. Hanging at 99% is not a bug actually.

A permanent hang must be?

(If we want to ensure these are fixed we need to track the individual errors in BZ, so please report finding there)

Hi Mike

I do not know if the problem of the my computer,but rc version and this version of Comodo were not working
And up to 99% and fail And had been working in some situations

First, we’ll have to wait until they finish latest backend works, once done we’ll have to see feedbacks about file uploading to see which thing is still occuring (ie file not found error / hanging at 99%)…Both are different and whenever they have been doing backend changes/fixing I saw this “hanging upload issue” being reported.

I’ll split this topic off, s we can collect the various bits of feedback in one place :slight_smile:

Best wishes


Changes submitted, with screenshot :slight_smile: it can be reopened for processing.

i got this error several time & sometimes file submission stuck at 99%. :-\


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All working fine, submitted 67 files (so far)

Re-opened :slight_smile:

Please post a bug report for this unless it turns out to be a problem with your machine. In the report please draw attention to the error code and suggest a separate Bugzilla record.

That appears to be the same error as in the existing report 9M471). So no need for a new report, though you can comment that you have experienced it too in CIS 7.

Thanks. :wink:

first error after stable CIS7… yesterday night I submitted lots of sample…now is