File submission not working for exe files

File submission doesn’t work for EXE files, it just says “Already uploaded” each time.

It works perfectly. If the cloud has already seen the file there is no point in reuploading the same file. This is why it tells you already uploaded. It would waste lots of bandwidth if CIS kept uploading the same file over and over

No, it doesn’t work!

The file was never seen by the cloud before. How could it see it before I created it?

So your saying the file has only been seen by you? The cloud works on hash files. If the cloud has seen a file with the same hash it wont upload it again

Yes, it wasn’t seen by anyone.
Also, how can you explain the fact that the already uploaded files never appear in

interesting, CIS/CFW might have uploaded it automatically, when it encounters unknown files it submits them for analysis. Im not sure how long it takes to see verdicts in file intelligence. I know there is a lag time but dont know how long

No, it didn’t upload it.

I suggest creating a new topic in the help section so we can discuss this further

No need. Comodo already knows this bug and didn’t fix it since a year.

I just now upload a new .jpg
MD5 58EDA07CF726C0B033FEF7781E19DE78

I agree with you.
malware1, do not waste your time. :-TD

Read all posts again if you don’t understand.

If you think this is a bug i suggest reporting it

Are you kidding ;D It is already reported, it seems they do not want to fix it. >:-D

Where is it reported? the only report was for ANY file not being submitted and getting an error which has been fixed;msg680094#msg680094

Did you see the date :o I was young when this bug first exist.
I have a child now, CIS still has this bug…

  1. The issue was not considered reproducible from their side. Thus, invalid.
  2. Users were actually experiencing different issues related to that one issue. Thus, incomplete.

Whole story in two points.

Does EXE file upload work for you?

It does not. I’ve created a bug report in the tracker.

So what do you mean by “The issue was not considered reproducible from their side. Thus, invalid.”?