File submission freeze

Hi folks,i`ve not been able to use the online look up feature for V3 for a while now,but i installed a new application yesterday so today tried to submit it to Comodo for analysis.The process started then all of a sudden just stoped responding and there was nothing i could do except shut down.This was done from the “My own Safe Files” section with the auto function for look up and submission turned off.
The diagnostics check says all is ok,how can i see why this happened.
Here is a shot of what happened

Cheers Matty

XP sp2/Avira PEC/CMF/BO Clean

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Online look up working fine on my end. What if you try only 2 items at a time instead of all of them. Break it down.

Cheers vettertech,but after some investigation i think it may be something to to with my router and encryption as to why im not sure!!
The files just seem to be hitting the router and then going no further(or should i say the look up process) its proper doing me head in >:(
Anyway im gonna keep at it there gotta summat im missing :-[ and it all helps in the learning process :slight_smile:

Matty :■■■■

Yeah the more we submit the bigger Melih can increase the whilelist. I have my modem on full stealth and block all pings. I also use OpenDNS which makes alot of browsing quicker. I am also using Sandboxie.

Sorry if i`m being a mither,but could anyone explain this.In trying to nail down why i cant do the online look up i set comodo to “ask”.Anyway after trying again a few times i looked at my app rules and found below!!
I dont know if im missing summat but this seems strange ???
Can anyone tell me please what .exe comodo uses to do the online look up is it cfp.exe?

Any ideas Matty

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I don’t even have those settings rigger. All I did was install Comodo and it works. Online lookup works and check for updates work.

Its the yellow one with the question mark i cant fathom.That is normally ask but it says allow.I cant understand why new rules are being created when i allready have one for Comodo v3.
Back to the drawing board me thinks.

Cheers Vet :-TU Matty

Sorry riggers I do have those. I was looking under Firewall and not D+.

These are under the Firewall thats why im confused,plus ive had to much :■■■■