File size of CFP install file [Resolved]

Hi Everybody,

Before upgrading to CFP 3.0 I wanted to make sure I also have the latest
install file of CFP 2.4 in case something goes wrong and I have to revert
to the old version. So, I just downloaded the latest stabile v2.4 version
of CFP and I noticed that this was the same version I have
been running since January this year. However, the file sizes of the
install file I just downloaded and the install file I downloaded in
January are different:

v2.4.18.184 January download 7,68 MB (8.058.960 bytes)
v2.4.18.184 November download 7,57 MB (7.943.248 bytes)

… hmm. Does anyone have a clue what’s going on? How can it be that
files with identical version numbers differ in size? Is the latter one a
new compilation without debug code? But surely, this should have
a different version no. then, shouldn’t it?!

Hi Coffee, Are you sure that the 7.68MB download in January was not the version? Because that was the file size of that version whilst the v2.4.18.184 was 7.58MB. Regards HL

A good point. Besides, v was not available the last time we had the month of January.


Humberlad, LeoniAquila … thanks for your replies. You are both right.
What I installed in January was CFP v2.4.16.174. I got it wrong
because the firewall had been “quitely” updating itself over
the past 10 months. Sorry for the confusion. :slight_smile:

Great, then it’s clarified :slight_smile:

I’ll go ahead and mark this topic as resolved. If anyone wish to open it again just send a PM to any moderator!