File Sharing Not Working in Defined Trusted Zone

My only problem with Comodo Firewall has been enabling file sharing to work both ways on my Linksys wireless network. I have installed CPF on my newest PC and the defined the network as a trusted zone on CPF using the tasks and wizards. I can read and copy files on the other network PCs from the PC with CPF installed but the other network PCs cannot access the shared drives on the PC with CPF installed. However, they can share with each other. These older pcs have the latest version of Zone Alarm Firewall/Antivirus installed. I had to remove ZA from the newest dual core Conroe PC because for some unknown reason it would cause frequent freeze-ups. CPF on the other hand works like a champ on the new PC except for this filesharing problem with the other PCs on the network. Is there a problem with communications between 2 different firewalls such as ZA and Comodo? I would appreciate any help to resolve this issue.

Iy should not have any problems communicating with other pcs.

What do your logs say?

The logs don’t record any event associated with trying to access the shared partition on the PC with CPF installed. The latest log entries for today concern my spyweeper software’s attempts to access the internet. I just attempted to access the shared partition file from the other network PC and recieved the windows error message that the partition was inaccessible. No corresponding event showed up in the Comodo log file. The latest entry is still for the spysweeper application. I’ve made sure that file and printer sharing is turned on for the computer in question and that the check box to share the partition across the network has been checked.