File Sharing and VNC setup

I am having problems with my network file sharing and also with VNC setup. My small wireless network uses IP I want to share files between all computers on the network.

I also want to be able to access all the computers on the network with VNC PE Viewer through dynamic No-Ip dns addresses from other computers on the internet. I have created a rule in my router to forward VNC TCP ports 5800 - 5900 to the other local computer IP addresses on the network.

Can someone help me set up the proper rules please

Which VNC program you use?

I got my local network file sharing rules working but still have figured what I need with VNC. I use Real VNC Personal Edition

I use RealVNC as well have it set up to allow all threw to VNC on 5800 and 5900 but still nothing i have to disable the firewall to get it to work aslo having this problem with other probrams

I have the similar problem with WinXP build-in remote desktop. I allow the Remote desktop to be in/out in the application monitor. But no connection. Do I need to allow the port in the network monitor? BTW, I try to access my home computer from work, do I also need to allow my company IP in the firewall? Thanks.