File scan during install using obscene amounts of RAM

I noticed that during the scan, the one at the tail end of the installer, when it hit some large 50-90MB files, cfpconfig.exe was taking up obscene amounts of RAM. When I noticed my system was beginning to cease responding, I eventually ended up with one of those Virtual Memory Low notices. When I actually managed to get Task Manager open, cfpconfig was using upwards of 1.8GB of my memory. For most of the other large files, it seemed to take up between 700MB and 1GB of RAM. When it hit the volume with Windows on it, it seemed to stabilize and only take up an average of 25MB. Is this normal, or am I insane?

What kind of files? Some archives?

Yup, they were archives. Does the scanner get funky with compressed data?

Uhm… it unpacks them to memory in be able to inspect the contents. Pretty much a norm with many AVs out there.