File review in Proactive Defense

On the Firewall Summary page there appears a message advising about files for review. I’ve just moved about 50 of the ones which I could identify to ‘My Own Safe Files’.(I hope that was correct?) That leaves 148 files of the type C:\WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution\Download\7a9a6381 ---------- and several others about which I have no idea whether they are safe or not!
Advice about what to do with these would be welcome!

OK. Continue to ignore this!
Read, re-read and read again. Sorted!

Hi Astra,sorry no one has gotten back to you.

With regards the “Files waiting for review” the first step is allways to click on the “Purge” button,this removes any files that are not still on your computer from the list(it does not remove them from your computer).
Next you can perform the on-line look up of any files your not sure about,if some come back as unknown you can submit them for analysis.
The files you mention are windows update files(hotfixes etc) so you can just remove them from the list.
If you feel that the “pending files”/look-up,etc is not something you are particulary bothered with you can move Defence+ into “Safe Mode” where you will no longer accumalate any “Pending” files


Hi Matty_R thanks for your helpful, if belated, reply!
That was useful.
Many thanks.