File Rating dialog problems

Hopefully this is the right place for this problem.

Don’t like having to complain about CIS after many years of great service but the file rating list is a now MAJOR PITA. I’m using on w7x64 & I wish I had kept v5.x.

I am trying to rate files, some of the files listed were on a DVD or have been deleted. I cannot do anything with these entries because CIS says it cannot find the files - <cancel/try again/continue> loops when I try to select & then manually remove them.
But I have the same loop when trying to select items that are present. The error msg refers back to files that have been deleted or were on ROM & cannot be found…Also:-

  • Updated files whose locations have been whitelisted from trusted vendors are listed as unrecognised & I cannot do anything with them either.
  • Some of my white-listed & wildcard exclusions are being flagged & held up. Especially annoying when I’m trying to back up stuff to a ROM as the burn can be ruined.

How many times should I need to tell CIS a white-listed item is WHITE-LISTED? Currently I’m finding an average of 7 times when trying to burn to ROM. Once used to be enough.
For the file list rating I gave up after 60 clicks. >:-D

So I have a bunch of non-existent & good files listed & I cannot do anything with them. Why is this happening? :frowning: Is this a bug?

& on a related note -
There used to be a purge function - not any more.
The other time-saver I want/need is range-select - but I cannot block select with because shift / range doesn’t work.