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I signed up to find out about a file in OS C: called comodo firewall pro cislogs.sdb that contains 111.2GB which is about 33% of the capacity. It is under" Windows.old" . What problem is there in removing this entirely? It was found using" Windirstat" if that helps. Any info on this would be great. I re-installed Windows 7 64 bit to correct an internet access problem. I had Comodo firewall and dragon. After the installation it eliminated most programs yet I still have this file .i planned on re-installing Comodo the way it is I had little room to re-install much of any programs.As a newbie I am stumped.

Hi and welcome lopotter,
The ‘cislogs.sdb’ file is Comodo Internet Security’s logs storage file and being located in the Windows.old folder it is from your previous Windows installation.
The Windows.old folder holds data from your previous Windows installation and is created during your OS re-install.
When you have all your required personal data from the previous install, the Windows.old folder can be deleted using Windows inbuilt Disk Cleanup Utility.
How do I remove the Windows.old folder?-Microsoft

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