File Open/Save Dialog BSOD, HL2 Episode Two crash + General Defense+ Rant

I would like to report a few independent bugs or otherwise undesirable and non-obvious behaviour caused by Defense+.

My system is Vista x64 Ultimate and I was (and I say was because I ended up having to uninstall Comodo entirely to find out that it was the culprit of my all woes) using what I suppose to have been the x64 version updated from RC1 through its auto-update feature.

  1. Vista caused a blank BSOD and reset itself every time a File Open/Save dialog was displayed in the new Vista style. I am under the impression that the problem started only intermittently, but in any case it ended up being 100% reproducible. Problem disappeared as soon as I uninstalled Comodo.

  2. The game Half-Life 2: Episode Two crashed every time at a particular point in the game for no apparent reason (nothing special going on in the game). Again, the problem vanished after getting rid of Comodo.

I cannot be sure if these problems were somehow self-inflicted by somehow having blocked something myself in one of the myriad of obnoxious Defense+ alerts, but as far as I can remember, I always answered those pests by either selecting “Allow” and ticking the Remember Answer checkbox or selecting the application in question as a Trusted Application.

  1. All 3000+ files from Vista SP1 RC installation ended up in My Pending Files, despite having indicated Comodo that the installer was, indeed, an installer and having told Comodo to switch to installation mode.

I must say am quite disappointed with the absolute mess and obnoxious behaviour that Defense+ in particular has caused on my system, while giving no clues of it being behind it. Setting it on Disabled status often did not seem to have any effect, as My Pending Files kept filling up with random stuff with no confirmation whatsoever.
I appreciate the effort of creating such a complete piece of security software for free, but I must say I won’t be using Defense+ until I am convinced it doesn’t just amount to Headache+ as it has done until now.


No, it’s not the Defense+ part of Comodo which was causing my BSOD on File open/save dialogs. Unfortunately, it’s actually Comodo itself which did. :frowning: I had reinstalled Comodo selecting the basic firewall only and at first I thought the problem had gone (which is why I thought Defense+ was the culprit). However, after rebooting, I noticed that the problem was back. I have now uninstalled Comodo completely and, as expected, no problem anymore… 88)

Sorry Comodo, you were awesome up to version 2.4, but I’m afraid that with 3.0, you’ll have to stay away from my system until the problem is fixed.