File Management Integrated with Backup

I don’t think anyone out there has a solid document management program for home users.

The number of files grow over time and organizing them into a large hierarchy of folders becomes inefficient, especially when one file belongs to several categories. Tags are a great solution but Windows only supports tags in some file types. Also, those file tags can be lost when copying between different file systems or computers.

Create a program that helps to keep all types of files organized with folders, tags, and possible archiving into comodo backup.

  • Archived files should still show up in searches.
  • Native windows tags should be used when possible.
  • Music files should have the option to be corrected by the program or it should at least be able to work in cooperation with MP3 tagging applications such as musicbrainz.
  • Image files should use a universal tagging mechanism
  • Files that have not been used in x number of days should be placed into backup or user should be prompted to allow archiving

Feel free to contact me for clarification or addition details.