File Locked in Comodo


I have a question about a file blocked in Comodo, it is being blocked by comodo or Windows,
because I am not able to install the driver on my PC, see image.

thank you

Hello Picandalo,

Thank you for reporting.We will check this and could you please check your inbox via PM and share us the requested logs for further analysis.
Have a nice day!

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Check the HIPS event logs, I doubt CIS is preventing the install seeing that it is a trusted application.

You should check if that specific file has a “trusted” rating in file list. If it doesn’t, do a cloud lookup of it. If it requires submission, submit the file for analysis. If you can’t find this file in the list, add that file to the list of trusted files and give it a user trusted rating. But only do this if the file is 100% legit.