File in which Dragon added search engines are stored

Can someone tell me the name of the file in which added search engines are stored for Dragon?

I can install a search engine and it will remain when closing and reopening Dragon. However, when I run CCleaner, the newly installed search engine is not there when I restart Dragon; as a matter of fact, the search engines are set to the defaults as when Dragon was first installed.

Note about my CCleaner setup. CCleaner does not recognize my Dragon installation. I have Dragon (Portable installation) installed in a folder named “PortableApps” and that folder is not within “Program Files” or any other folder. Therefore, I set up cleaning rules collected from various places, in the “winapp2.ini” file for CCleaner. That leads me to believe that one of my rules is causing the removal of the newly installed search engine and the reset of search engines to their default state.

Thanks in advance.

Hi OldGrouch,
Exclude from CCleaner the ‘Web Data’ file found inside your current portable Dragon user profile folder.

Kind regards.

Thanks, captainsticks, that was it.

  1. What other information is likely to be in “Web Data”?

  2. In addition, where is Form Data saved?

  3. It would be good to have a reference for what is saved in each of the Dragon files.
    –Is that information available somewhere?

Hi OldGrouch,
1&2. Auto fill/form data and some login data history is stored in the Web Data file.
Other than that I am not sure what else.

  1. Not on any one specific site that I know of, but searching for each individual file usually shows some informative results.
    Remembering that a lot of Chromes files will be used in the same way.
    Also opening each individual file in a text editor (Notepad or similar) will show some meaningful content.

Kind regards.