File Identifier

Melih I know there is similar programs out such as x-raypc, but possibly a few readers here could post the best ones they have used.

but wondered if your team could create a right click (possibly Ctrl right click) to place the cursor on files install files and those mysterious files that have numeric and digital file names,

The reason for this request is that I used Revo uninstaller and found several install folders and file names I did not recognize. Since I could not identify they were unneeded files or needed new Microsoft files, I could not safely delete most of them.

The Ctrl right click could also look at the directory they are located. The Secunia Scan early on showed that I had 3 different versions of IE one of which was coded at C:\ and another at Windows SDold, besides the one I use and keep updated.

The reason for Ctrl is to separate it from all the other programs that show up with the right click button. The file location might also determine if the file is needed.

Thank you for all the great products