File Group Workaround


This is actually not a bug report. It’s …“research”.
I’m wondering if there is any other way to delete (edit) “File Groups” than from the “Predefined Security Policies” window? (advice: you should really stop reading any further… now! And just answer my question) Such as… from the “Application System Activity Control”, perhaps? Now, I have realized (but still don’t understand what induces) the fact that you cannot edit (delete) the F-Groups from the ASAC window (please, please, tell me why).

An Unusual Question

[tr][td][/td][td] >:-D [/td][td]

“Why would anyone want to delete File Groups from the ASAC window…”
[/td][/tr][tr][td][/td][/tr]“Alerts are experiencing difficulties opening up sometimes”[tr][td]If your are using CIS the way I am, you do not concern yourself with questions like… how intuitive the interface is—n’t. Or why you hafta quadruple-click through five windows that hardly opens when there just might as well could’ve been a direct shortcut/button/link from the first window, in the first place. !ot! Because you know (…or pray/hope) that it must be for a reason… one which you don’t need to understand. There are only a few things I need to know and put effort in, in order to profit from CIS; such as setting up security policies and clicking through uncooperative windows… communicate with CIS. The reward is a pretty safe (at least “safe” is the impression I’ve got) connection. And the only time I fought an infection for more than ten minutes since I started to use CIS was when I realized I hadn’t tried ESETs software in a while, which I recalled the reason for as I was reinstalling my OS.[/td][td]
[/td][/tr]Icons edited, NOT the message area!
Even though Defense+ Alerts are experiencing difficulties opening up (picture above), and telling me what it is that is really bothering them, I must confess it has actually felt like we’ve known eachother for so long, that words are no longer necessary. Frame color and icon type says all:

But now things are changing for the worse. I mean... It is [u]okay[/u] if the alerts don't want to articulate exact definitions of what is going on all the time; or if the [b]Antivirus[/b] engine is a compulsive liar, mentioning virus definitions that actually doesn't exists, as if [i]"he"[/i] has a random generator that invents names such as [i]TrojWare.Win32.Theef.AAA[at]727826[/i] and [i]ApplicUnsaf.Win32.HackTool.Agent.~BACJ[at]734262[/i].

An Insignificant Answer

What makes me a li’l bit annoyed is when CIS starts to ignore me. I mean it is up to me to keep an eye at my system, yes!, I know… and if CIS with all alerts, policies and reports doesn’t feel like informing me of what is going on every single second, I think I live with that (I do like the sense of control, though).

But when I am telling CIS about my plans, or giving “him” a direct order, I demand that “he” listens. Because if he doesn’t listen, then it’s my machine that is going to suffer. “Free product” is not an excuse. “He” has an assignment, and frankly, I am getting sick and tired of this game.

[tr][td][table][tr][td]Please check out the picture here. It’s four simple policies I’ve asked him to apply. No biggie. I need those policies so I can quickly manually apply them from the CSP window. [/td][td]

You’re probably wondering (if you’re even still reading this… ?) why my concern revolves around those policies. Well… you know how you should be able to apply these Policies from the CSP window? Well… sometimes CIS pretends he can’t hear you.

[/td][td]Instead of preparing new policies so we can live happily ever after, CIS stores old policies that has been outdated for over a year. You can see them at the bottom just below the default policies. But that is not the worst part. [/td][/tr] The worst part is that “he” seem to have deleted all the policies from the Predefined Security Policies window. What I really want to know is why (how) he deleted them, how I can retrieve them w/o bothering with erasing his memory. That is what I’d like to know.

“With right to copy”

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