File group "temporary files" misses some user's tempory files

Writing to temporary internet files is allowed for the user installing defence+ but not for other users.

It uses the file group “temporary files” and other users never get added to this group. It needs some sort of wild card selection.

This is the setting for protect files/folders in the “all applications” group in computer security policy.

This is still wrong in 3.9 RC.

This causes unwanted pop-ups in IE 8.

Vista SP1.

Did a clean install of 3.9 RC1 on Win 7 beta and I cannot confirm. Did you import a previous configuration or use the program updater?

This is a clean install of 3.9 RC. Older versions also had this problem.

I overread what you said about other user in your topic start. That got me curious so I enabled the Guest accournt on my Win 7 beta. I didn’t see any hiccups happening.

Can you give me a scenario where your problems arise?

I do a clean install of cis under administrator account. Look at the predefined file groups. it has:

C:\Users\ADMIN_NAME\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files*

and no corresponding entry for other users. I have replaced the ADMIN_NAME name by * but this should be the default. My other users are not administrators and this might make a difference.

Good call…:-TU