File folder encription

A file and folder encription, integrated into explorer.
Also integrated into backup so that backups can be encrypted.


I am all for this one.

I concur.

I would love this too. (:CLP)

I would love this one too, just a simple program to lock up folders and encrypt them. We just need a password to open them. Sound good to me.

Yours truly,

I agree (V)

I agree this is a good idea.
Im actually looking for a program right now that is intregrated into the shell.
And prefferable works like this:

1.) Right-click the folder I want to encrypt, in the menu choose Encrypt.
2.) A popup appears asking for the password it should be encrypted with.
3.) When I want to access the encrypted folder/files I simply just dbl-click the folder and a popup will appear asking for the password to acces the folder and files.

All the programs I have found until now all need a program to be started to encrypt/decrypt the files/folders.

GnuPG already does this (Whinedows and Linux), is free, and can be integrated into thunderbird for e-mails. It supports uploading of public keys to public servers. It is command line based and has a few simple guis. I suppose a nicer/easier gui would be good rather than replace an open-source product (and a good one at that) with something proprietary.

There are already some encryption apps on filesystem level.

I would like to see a Full Disk Encryption software (including Win boot partition) which I would trust. (= made by Comodo or open source)


yes i want one of those program as well

This is a very good idea, but I would like to see the file/folder encryption utility, also encrypt the file names too (generate scrambled new names), what i mean is: mypasswords.txt = F3g50Dst9Q4.comodocrypt after encryption. Right now I use Cryptext, but it doesn’t change the filenames.

I think this sort of product would fit well with Comodo’s brand.


I totally agree!

I’d love to see the Comodo Crew turn out the finest shell-hot Encryption; the encryption from Hell!

You’d become the cold-sore on the lip of all of the world’s Governments!

The use of home-made or software generated keyfiles would be an essential part of it, of course.

A passkey gobbler would be wise, also, for those times when the user forgets what they’re using and how careful they have to be with keys at all!

The ability to create Self-Decryption Files would be a bonus, also.

If anybody could pull this off, Comodo could.

Just keep on asking us - most corporate bodies forget to do this, or commit the ultimate sin of failing to appreciate user-wisdoms and insights.

If you can create encryption software like PGP and AxCrypt (adopting the best features and techniques from both), you’ll level the competition within a year and would really be looking after us! If you do leave the competition standing, then it’s probably because the competition concentrated on their bank balances for too long and dropped the ball.

I’d love to see you pull this one off.

If you get any better at security for computer users, or get more popular for the software you already are developing, you’ll eventually be accused of being Government lapdog spies, specialising in Back-Door creeping…a rite of passage in online security software development, I’d guess, by now!

Just…do everybody a really great favour - DON’T STOP DEVELOPING THE GOODIES!


Thanks CoMoDo, i finally found a Best Anti-Virus and Firewall Software… I haven’t had a single problem since i installed your Software, Keep up the Good Work Guys… You Rock!! (L) (S)

This File Folder Encryption feature/software will do a great help… However i’d like the software to inclue a provision to encrypt different Folders wid Different passwords (I know it sounds Weired).
If that is possible…

Couldn’t iVault incorporate this???


It’s been requested in the iVault WishList. I know it has, 'cause I was one of the ones who put it there… ;D


PS: I think it’d be a perfect fit, too…

Well thats why your a moderator!!! :wink: