File extensions

is your OS set to hide file extentions?

I think mine came default like that - straight from the factory. … dumb.


U can change it via Folder Options.

I have no idea why the default setting is to hide the extentions.

… it would be like sending troops into battle, and every person is wearing the same clothes.

… kinda.

Oh, but that’s not the problem. It’s worst. Read this:
Specifically 4, 5, 6 and 7, but do read it all. Some of it isn’t applicable anymore, but most of it should.

When you tell Windows to show all extensions, it has a few exceptions on its mind.
DEP has another story too…


I once came across an mp3 music file, checked it out thoroughly before trying to execute it. Scanned it, checked the file type, all that jazz.

Double clicked it, windows warning pops up saying it does not match the file type extention, and may be harmful. Asked if I still wanted to execute. Sure, why the hell not.

… no just kidding, I didn’t execute it. Promptly deleted it.

… speaking of deleting, I had the weirded dream last night.

I was on my computer, and I heard sirens in my neighborhood. Then uh, well, … I woke up.

Thanks for the story… i guess.

you’re welcome … I guess.