File exclusions by scan

I have searched the Help file but have been unable to find the answer. If it is there and if it is easier, point me to the section.
I want to create scans and exclude folders instead of INcluding folders. For example, I would like a profile that scans all of C:\Windows EXCEPT the temp folder, or, only files in a folder but not in subfolders. I know I can do this by creating a profile and adding all folders but that can be tedious.
I have found how to exclude folders (I think) from ALL scans but I don’t want that. I want to exclude folders/files from SOME scans.
Is this possible?

Sorry I do not think you can do this in CIS at the moment.

Please start a Topic in the Wishlist with a Poll included, and it may be include in a future version of CIS.

Thank you