File(dragon.exe) lost

WIN7 x64 with CIS 6.0. After restart my PC,sometimes CD will lose file “dragon.exe”. While lose dragon.exe, other files are allright, and CD can be uninstalled by “uninstall.exe” successfully. And CIS’s log shows allright. The event happens twice while I may have restart PC over fifth.
Have no idea with it, someone has the same problem?

Any help appreciated


How often does the issue occur?
When you reinstalled Dragon, was the version the same as the one you uninstalled or was it a new version?

Thank you.

Thx for response.
I installed the lasted dragon at Jan 13th. And it happens yesterday and this morning. The first time I reinstalled it without uninstall(all the same version,selected from CIS package), and today it comes again so I first uninstall it.

Up to now , I have not restart my PC. Maybe it’s ok now, I will provide the result tomorrow.

Dragon is allright today.
The lost maybe cause by the uninstalled file.
dragon may be not installed successfully first time, so……

Enjoy dragon~