File downloading in virtual firefox.

Just a query really.
I run firefox fully virualized and i have noticed that whenever i try to download anything firefox states that the download has failed.

Is this normal for a virtualized firefox. ???
I have tried several downloads and firefox still fails to download.

Thank You. :wink:

Did you check Open Shared Space - Opens the folder ‘Shared Space’ which is shared by your host operating system and the Virtual Kiosk. The folder is created by the Virtual Kiosk at the location ‘C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Shared Space’. The folder can be opened in both your host operating system and inside the Virtual Kiosk, and enables to share files and applications between the OS and the Kiosk.

‘Shared Space’ is a dedicated area on your local drive that sandboxed applications are permitted to write to and which can also be accessed by non-sandboxed applications (hence the term ‘Shared Space’). For example, any files or programs you download via a sandboxed browser that you wish to be able to access from your real system should be downloaded to the shared space. This folder is also used by the Virtual Kiosk and is located by default at ‘C:/Program Data/Shared Space’.

You can create your own folder for Firefox downloads to be ignored by the virtual process. In ‘do not virtualize access to the specified files/folders’.

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Thanks a lot.
Discovered this shared space feature.

Actually if i dont intend downloading a lot of stuff i may leave that setting unchecked.
Just closes a potential hole for any sneaky downloads.

Thanks again.