File didn't appear in Trusted Files/Unrecognized Files &question with Avira/AVG


I have some .exe files did not appear in Trusted Files and in Unrecognized Files(even they have been executed), and I can’t manually add them to Trusted Files or to Unrecognized Files, Comodo said they are already safe files, but I can’t find them out in Trusted Files, seems they are invisible and automatically trusted by Comodo even they are not Trusted Software Vendor.

But when I execute them, I can see them in Defense+’ “View Active Process List”, and after I right click Submit them, they will appear in Trusted Files. But, if I remove them from Trusted Files list, I still can’t manually add them to Trusted Files or to Unrecognized Files, Comodo said they are already safe files again.

My OS is Windows 7 32bit, I didn’t install Comodo Antivirus, I installed Comodo Firewall and Defense+ only, My Configurations is Proactive Security, reinstall didn’t work, uncheck “Automatically scan unrecognized files in the cloud”, “Automatically detect the installers / updaters and run them outside the Sandbox”, “Automatically trust the files from the trusted installers” didn’t work.

Is anyone experienced this? Is anyone have any idea? I put them in Attach file, can somebody test them? please help, thanks.

By the away, can somebody tell me is Avira Web Protection(2012)/AVG LinkScanner(2012) will conflict with Comodo Firewall? I saw a thread about avast 7 and Comodo compatibility issue, someone mentioned that Avira Webguard will bypass Firewall, so I’m a little worried about this.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Besides Comodo Cloud Whitelist & Trusted Vendor List, there is an internal whitelist that the users cannot see, I think the apps whitelisted in that internal whitelist does not appear in Trusted List, like the apps in cloud whitelist & TVL appears in trusted list.

Experts can give more info on this.

Thanks for replying.

Indeed, I saw some threads which mentioned Comodo have other whitelist that users cannot see, but I want to check whether this situation is my system problem or not. And if not my system problem, why Comodo made these files invisible in Trusted Files? I just a little confused.

As stated by naren there is the internal whitelist we cannot access. Also there is the list of Trusted Software Vendors whose programs are trusted without being added to Trusted Files list.

The Trusted Files is for files which either the user or the cloud lookup has determined they are safe. User consent also encompasses Automatically trust the files from the trusted installers ; files installed by trusted installers will be added to Trusted Files.