File Damage?

The scanner ran last night, full scan of all drives, including my portable WD 320 GB USB drive. When I started to work this morning, I noticed many of the folders on my WD drive had cryptic names. When I try to access the folder, it says it cannot read them. The scan turned up no viruses. I also have the BOClean utility, and no suspicious activity there either. It seems the scan (or an undetected virus) somehow damaged the file structure and/or indexing, doesn’t it? Please help since I need to recover these files. Thanks.

I guess the full scan of the removable device indirectly triggere an overheating issue.

There are many freeware tools to possibly recover these files. In order to raise the chance of recovery it may be needed to use more than one tool.

The only one I used and allowed me to recover some files is

A suggestion, if you are using a usb stick on any other computer than the one you have control over, don’t.
If the person isn’t as meticulous as you are maintaining your computer and does some bad surfing chances are it will find itself on your computer.

Also, even in two clean computers, inserting a usb stick can cause the problem you described. I took the clean stick from my clean computer and inserted it into another of my clean computers and it corrupted all my documents and turned them to digital hash both on the stick, and on the computer, then on the other computer. Why? I didn’t know anything about usb sticks and stuck it in. Vista tried to use it as extra ram, which I stopped, then put it in the other computer all without formatting it. Pretty dumb but I learned some things.