File creation not intercepted!

I have noticed that CFP Defence+ does not monitor file creation in some temp folder(s). Is it a bug or an expected behavior. How can I change this behavior?

Here are two examples where CFP D plus doesn,t give any warnings.

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The default policy for “All applications” allows modification of protected files in temp folders.

Temp. folders are by default disabled for checking, but their are in “My file groups” for quick addition…

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Thanks, how can I open my File groups windows? I could not find it.


DEFENSE+ → My Protected Files → Groups… (last button on right side) - You can add here more groups and files and change existed…

To activate protection of some group (template):
DEFENSE+ → My Protected Files → Add (button on the top of right side) → File Groups…

Hint: Very similar is for Registry and COM components…

Thanks. I will see that.