File batch Internet Access blocked by Comodo Suite

Hi everyone

I have a file batch running at startup (windows xp sp3) that make a dnslook up, it doesn’t work until Comodo Suite is completly loaded (dnslooku command doesn’t work and ping too), if I run the file batch, after Comodo Suite is running it works fine, what I have to set to make work this start job?, please note that Sandbox, Viruscope and HIPS service are disabled (permanent).

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

You can add the batch file to the trusted file list or better yet create a firewall rule that allows all outgoing requests.

Thank You for your reply, I create a new rule in the firewall settings but it doesn’t work, I still have same problem , batch file when run doesn’t have access to internet (ping command reply with “time out” error), if I run batch file once all comodo application and widget is loaded it works fine and if I watch window output of firewall and ICM call (ping command) works fine.