file attachment in YAHOO


I have noticed a serious problem, since I installed COMODO firewall at my pc. I am not able to attach files to emails (mp3 or pics) and I am afraid some options have to be changed for the firewall?

plsss help!!!

Since nobodys helping you, I’ll take a shot at this

assuming the files are under 10mb’s right??

use “7-Zip 9.07 Beta” or “winrar”

step 1) open 7-zip or winrar
step 2) create new archive
step3)find the .mp3 file or what ever file you have in mind
step4)save it using .zip file format
step5)save it to desktop to keep things simple
step6)go to yahoo and login in
step7)make an e-mail to send for
step8)use the file attachment key
step9)find the file and click ok
step10) if you need to add more files, repeat step 8 (make sure it’s under 10MB’s
step11)send email
step12)your done :■■■■

If you get stuck somewhere, let us know what step your stuck at, so the problem can be narrowed down and the solution be more detailed :-TU

hej, thanks a lot for taking care of me :slight_smile:

yes, the files are below 10 mb, although yahoo extended the space to 25 mb.
however, I will try this and let you know about my progress :wink:


Bad news, it did NOT work!
compressing was ok but attaching was not possible. yahoo says" file cannot be attachted" but says no reason for that!


Hi Lisa

Are you accessing your mail through a pop server or are you doing it through a browser. If you are using a client such as Outlook Express you will need to set the SMTP port to 587 with server authentication in order to send attachments.


hi john,

I log in via firefox mozilla, using a wlan connection to the internet.


Can I assume you did this??

I’m basing this on “yahoo classic background” (the older style)
1)log in
2)go to inbox
3)click on “New”
4)You fill out who to send it to
5)then, click on “attach files”
6)then click on “browse”
7)Find the file you want to upload, (yahoo doesn’t let you upload folders, just the files)
8)when you find it, click on it once
9)click on “open”
10)now click on “attach files”
11)now you’ll see a screen that says “attaching file or files”
12)then when it’s done, it’ll take you back to the regular screen
It’ll look like this (on the left side)



then a box to write stuff in
13)click on “SEND” or "SAVE AS A DRAFT " OR “CANCEL”
14)click on send or click on "save as a draft, then click send

quick side note:
If your using firefox (are you using a addon program called “noscript” If so right click on it, and allow yahoo


Do you have any other anti-virus application installed or are you using Comodo Internet Security as your anti-virus?

Do you have any other security applications set to run at startup, such as Ad-aware, Spybot, MBAM, etc?

Do you use a proxy to get online?



I use another antivirus-program: AVG Antivirus-free
but I used this before I installed comodo and I had no problems to attach files!

I log in via a wlan account.