fighting with comodo

I am not able to connect to internet after installing comodo. Except comodo site i am not able to connect to any site. If i turn off the network monitor or security level to allow all, then every thing is ok. I am on a ADSL connection. I use version which has 1.2 as the Application database version. I installed comodo by choosing the manual settings. I just followed exactly what is given in one of link that has a Flash demo. Please help me where i have gone wrong. When I analyse the logs - all IP incoming with Source IP as the url i have requested and destination IP being my adpter address are blocked. If i add a network rule - Allow IP in from IP [any] to IP [netword card address] where IPPROTO is any - Then every thing is fine. But i dont thing this is a safe rule. Please advice.


Please clear your logs, turn on Comodo, then try to connect to the internet. Export your log (right click) then post it.

This will help tell us what the issue is.