& website filtering

CIS 7.0.317799.4142
windows 7 x64

So, why is being blocked and why adding it to exclusions does not have any effect?
How can I change or edit the default blocked sites.


I’m trying to find out why this site is blocked, hope Comodo comes with an answer soon.

Besides the issue I am trying to bring a bit of casual fun into this by saying, Fifa is blocked by Comodo since Fifa is simply evil.

To solve the issue, perhaps this thread might help:

Have you got other filters in place that might interfere with or are such that they include Fifa, perhaps without you knowing it?

The site isn’t blocked for me, are you sure it’s the website filter and not Comodo SecureDNS?

Some time ago was blocked by Website Filtering when I accessed it directly, but only the main page. I was able to access pages within the main site, e.g., was not blocked. Something seems to have changed since I no longer experience any problems accessing
!ot! That said, I agree, Fifa is simply evil (ask the people of Brazil and they clearly agree) >:-D

Sorry I didn’t realize the date of the post, it’s possible that was blocked for whatever reason but have since been removed from the website filter block list.

There was an issue with the website filter db, they have fixed the issue a while ago.